Shout Outs to our Helpers

We have received a lot of help over the years as we work on these Dance4Peace movies. This is the place where we want to acknowledge and thank people who are making a difference. Some have provided help directly, others have allowed us to film in certain locations, or given us space, while still others have donated money. We appreciate each and every one!

Thank you to…


The Baltimore Community Foundation, for their kind and generous Neighborhood Community Arts Grant for Dance4Peace: Baltimore. Their site is here:

Hotel Indigo, Baltimore, for their generous donation of meeting space for our January 2016 launch event. You can visit their site here:

James Scherlis, world-reknowned photographer, for his kind and generous donation of photos and photography used on our site, in our calendar, and in our latest movie (in the final version, due out in late October 2016). His site is:

The Abbey of the Arts, for their kind and generous Earth Monastery Grant for our first movie, Dance4Peace on Earth.

Stephen Rourke, Esq., our wonderful attorney, who is a partner at Rourke & Rosenberg, LLC

Ryan and the team at, who provide our website recording software. You can see it on the Record page of the site.

Israel Hyman at for his excellent technical support, and for making one of the best Final Cut Pro training series in existence.

Patrick Baird at The Garageband Guide, for his generous donation of a full set of his Garageband guides to audio editing.  Read more at:

Our Wonderful Dance Alchemy Members for your generous support of our work. We love you all!


Himmelrich & Associates
owners and developers of
The Mt. Washington Mill

The Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Druid Hill Park

Marsha Jews, Director of Events
and the Herbert Bearman Community Arts Gallery at the
Frederick Douglas – Isaac Myers Maritime Museum
Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Cylburn Arboretum

1840s Plaza & Ballroom
Baltimore MD

And we are grateful to…

Maria Broom

Cheryl Goodman, Director
Dance Baltimore

Rev. Deb Teramani, friend and spiritual advisor.

The community at Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore

Sandy Boyer, Spiritual Leader
Unity of Hagerstown

Lynn Woodland, friend, guide, and mentor

Cindy Woodruff, President/Founder
Peace Study Center

Michael Dalto, board member of Dance Alchemy
and special adviser to the Dance4Peace project
and all our wonderful Dance Alchemy board members.

Phil & Sue Esserwein, friends, musicians, & audio engineers

Patricia Genetos, friend and pianist
Arranger & musician for the intro and credits music in our first movie
For more by Patricia, please visit

Garry Dunn, Founder/Artistic Director
New Era Dance Company


And all of our wonderful Dance Alchemists, past, present, and around the world!

Dance4Peace: Baltimore

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